The wonders of nature, Trinco beach is the most beautiful beach in Sri Lanka and famous for its scenic beauty. Trincomalee is precious all the time for its natural harbor and that is the largest natural harbor in Sri Lanka.

The Portuguese called the bay “Bahia dos Arcos” in their records they described it is a strategic location for Indian Trade routes which could control the entire Gulf of Bengal.

Nilaweli is an uninterrupted stretch of beach nearly 30km s from Trincomalee, is an ideal place for idyllic holiday makers. “Pigeon Island” as wonder land which has some superb coves that sheter the Blue Rock pigeon. This shady beach is a refuge for sunbathers who sun and seek solitude in a Sri Lanka Beach vacation. In the Pigeon Island the water is crystal clear you can see underneath very clearly from your chest level of water. The water is so clear, underneath is rest sandy but coral.

Thirukoneshvaram is a highly venerated Hindu Shrine that stands on the highest point of the Swami Rock is a cliff at the tip of the promontory of the fort. The view from the Temple is stunning. The cliff below is more the 30 meters in a frightening sight and it is called “Lovers Lerp”. It is associated with a romantic legend of a maiden who jumped to her death from the sheer cliff edge. She had not wished to suffer the anguish of watching her fickle lover sailing in.

Trincomalee will give you a value experience unmatched from April to November.

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