We will prepare your wedding in the Sri Lankan style as you wish. 


Do you want a Buddhist wedding?

If you are a Buddhist, all these rituals and all the ornaments and everything you need for your wedding and your wedding rings are made by our experienced goldsmiths using Sri Lankan gems. We will tailor your costumes to the old royal costumes. You can get the Poruwa Ceremony with ‘Jayamangala Gatha’, and the party that you want after that through us.

We also arrange hotel and transport hotel rooms for your guests and arrange meals for your party.


Do you want a Catholic wedding?

All you have to do is prepare the church for a Catholic wedding. 

We arrange the decorations in the church. In addition, we customize the groom’s attire to your liking. Our experienced jewelers can make your wedding rings and jewelry. 

The wedding sari, the groom’s dress and everything else is done as the couple wants. In addition, 

the bride and groom prepare the necessary cosmetic arrangements for the wedding. We also organize a party after church activities. 

We have all the hall facilities, dining and hotel facilities you need. You can book your halls the food and drink you need through us. 

Everything from the beginning to the end of the wedding is organized by our organization and you and your guests will be able to enjoy it with you. 

We guarantee that your wedding day will be a lasting one in your memory to make it grand.



Do you want a hindu wedding?

If you want a wedding ceremony according to Hindu culture, you can organize all the necessary rituals, Kovil rituals as well as other rituals with us.

Rituals on the part of the groom and rituals on the part of the bride can be prepared separately. You can also organize post-temple rituals with us and we will provide you with all the necessary facilities, the ceremony after your rituals, the banquet facilities for the banquet and everything else you need. You can refer to us and prepare the rituals you want. You can arrange the rituals you want with us. We also arrange hotel facilities as well as meals for those attending your event. 

Wedding organizer Jeromwin

Come to us to make your need to come to Sri Lanka to plan and perform a wedding of any of the above mentioned religions, any type, in a way that suits your money. Join us and make the necessary arrangements to make your wedding grand. Also let us know if you want to choose a groom or bride in Sri Lanka. We will work for that too. All the work required for a marriage attempt,

  • Performing rituals,
  • Performing rituals separately on the part of the bride and groom.,
  • Hotel facilities,
  • Dining facilities
  • Hotel facilities for married couples