Located 12 kilometers from the International Airport and 35 kilometers from the capital city of Colombo, Negombo is a charming city in the western coastal belt of Sri Lanka. Among the major attractions is the Buddhist Temple of Angurukaramulla, St. Mary’s Catholic Church with the colorful paintings on the roof ceiling and windows, the fisheries harbor, the fish market, the place where fish is dried in the sun, a boat tour of the Negombo lagoon, mangrove expedition  (‘Kadolana’), Hamilton Canal, the Dutch Fortress and the centuries-old clock tower and the Methodist Church and more.

A shopping spree in the bazaar is very enjoyable.

As extra activities, we highly recommend a boat tour of Muthurajawela, a wild reserve where you can see rare endemic species of birds, mongoose, lizards, and crocodiles. A  trip along the Kochchikade river by boat is worth your time and you may also engage in a tour of the sea by a sailboat.