Dambulla Rock temple is a wonder in Asia. It is a cave temple traced to the 1st century BC, built at the base of a 150m height rock during the 1st century BC to 993 AC. I have five caves imaginatively converted to shrines. Inside the caves, the ceilings are adorned with intricate patterns of religious images meticulously painted following the national colures of the rock. Images of the Buddha and bodhisattvas and Gods and goldenness are to be seen inside.
You can read this cave temple by walking on the gentle slope of the rock. On your way up and down hundreds of monkeys will have fun with you. You can enjoy feeding them.

The view from the rock is stunning, a magnificent river of the plains below with the Sigiriya Rock forties emerging out of the flat landscape.

The cave monastery remains the best-preserved historical structure in Sri Lanka that dating back to the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC. It remains to this day a living shine that dreams thousands of devotees and curious visitors.

It is really worth visiting the images of Lord Buddha that will remain with you forever.