Anuradapura is the most ruined ancient city in Sri Lanka. According to the Mahawansa, the historical chronicle this city was founded in 380 BC.

Anuradapura has a long history in Sinhala Civilization. It was the capital city of Sri Lanka. This majestic city was ruled by many kings consisting of benevolent kings, despotic monarchs, retreating rulers, and conquerors. The archaeological museum in Anuradapura is clear evidence of past history of this ruined land.

The majestic Dagaba Thuparamaya was built by King Devanam Piyatissa in the 3rd century BC to enshrine the clavicle Lord Buddha that was gifted by the Mauryan Missionary, Emperor Asoka.

It was said that King Asoka was a chauvinist converted into a pacifist by an ordinary Buddhist monk who became a strong devotee of Lord Buddha and sent his son Mahinda and daughter Sangamitha with a branch or plant extracted from the parent Bo-tree Buddhagaya India, under the shade of this parent Bo-tree only Lord Buddha sort enlightenment. In Sri Lanka, Thuparamaya Bo-tree is the oldest tree in Sri Lanka that gives enlightenment to visitors.

Mihinthale is close to Anuradapura is the first and the oldest wildlife sanctuary declared by King Devanam Piyatissa on the arrival of Arahant Mahinda.

Apart from history, Tissawewa and Nuwarawewa tanks built by ancient kings are captivated, many farmers receive water from these tanks and many people bathe in these tanks, many kinds of birds live in their natural habitat around this area. It is worth spending a day in Anuradapura.