Sigiriya is a ruined old palace and a fortress of stunning splendor and is a tribute to its ingenious builders. It is built on the flat top of a rock with terrace and a mirror wall. The entrance is at mid level “The Lion’s Mouth” through the famous Lion gate that gives Sigiriya its name makes it the perfect tailor made holiday Sri Lanka.

The Sigiriya frescoes of heavenly maidens is world famous sensuously captivating beauties who have survived out of nearly 600 date to the time of the play boy King Kashyappa, narrate in paint the pleasure of a pristine past of a land that you have chosen when you decided on your Sri Lanka vacation.

Sigiriya is an architectural marvel and a classic example of urban planning in the first millennium.

The Frescoes are drawn in a style considered unique. They radiate an ethereal beauty reduces your senses with a grace that is exquisite despite its antiquity the Mirror Wall.

It is said that the mirror wall was no polished that the King could see himself when he passed through the ornate terrace in the sky.

The gardens of Sigiriya are one of the oldest landscaped gardens in the world.

The Lion’s Mouth is the entrance to the palace with its giant paws still intact.

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