Kalpitiya is a large fishing village situated on the water’s edge of the Puttalam Lagoon is on the largest lagoon in Sri Lanka covers the water surface of 32750ha famous for fascinating scenic beauty.

Kalpitiya is surrounded by many little fishing Islands where traditional fishing families live and do fishing. There is no electricity but they live comfortably with kerosene oil. Dried fish is there main production. Kalpitiya town is the sales centre of sea food. Fish and dried fish are coming from the surrounding Islands to Kalpitiya town.

The scenic attractions include the Kala Oya estuary the Mee Oya estuary, Dutch Bay and the Portugal Bay. Kalpitiya and surrounding Islands have mangroves, sea grass beds and coral refs. The combination makes it a heaven to be enjoyed in a long Sri Lanka vacation of swimming, snorkeling, watching Whales and Dolphins.

The Alankuda Beach is a Sri Lanka luxury that you must experience in a Sri Lanka vacation. It is indeed a Sri Lanka exclusive of a discrete dalliance with Dolphins and Whales during October to May. The other pleasures that you could are indulge in deep sea fishing, snorkeling over the spectacular coral formations. Kayaking, Canoeing, Sailing, Kite and Wind Surfing.




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