This one-day tour will commence from Negombo up to Galle Fort along Negombo-Colombo Expressway to Kadawatha, continuing from Kadawatha to Bentota along the  Southern Expressway and from thereon along the coastal road up to Galle. You will see Bentota River and people having fun in the river while bathing. Crossing the river, Bentota Resort and other hotels of the five-star class can be seen.  Passing Bentota you will reach Kosgoda a little town where private-owned turtle hatcheries and turtle ponds can be seen. Out of the seven varieties of turtles in Sri Lanka, five varieties are found in Kosgoda. Entry fees are charged for turtle viewing.

While passing Balapitiya town we reach the lagoon where you will see the lush green mangroves all along the lagoon banks. You can also enjoy a boat ride in the lagoon. This will consume about two hours. During the boat ride, you will see the mangroves, lizards and varieties of water birds living in and around the lagoon.  The lagoon water is very salty in taste. The boat then travels towards several little islands on which cinnamon is grown as a commercial crop. Cinnamon cutting and chopping can be seen on these islands as well as in several ancient Buddhist temples. On the return boat ride by the other route, monkeys can be seen. You will also see fishermen at their task fishing using special equipment. During our visit to the village called Batapola, you will watch how moonstones are created by the craftsmen in the village which is a traditional craft. More cinnamon gardens, as well as gem mining, can also be seen in this area where you may explore different varieties of gems.

Our next destination is a holiday beach resort, a very popular location among tourists. The lovely sea water takes a clear green colour, as in the Maldive Islands and the sandy beach of silver colour. Hikkaduwa is famous for its corals which can be viewed by touring the beautiful coral gardens in glass-bottomed boats. You will relish a lunch of fresh seafood at Hikkaduwa.

After lunch, we continue on our tour to Galle, the Southern capital of Sri Lanka. Galle Fort built by the Dutch is the main attraction in the city and is popular among tourists. The many ancient and old buildings of the fort are today full of shopping arcades, restaurants and other shopping centres. The Methodist Church, the museum and quite a number of government offices and several offices of armed forces are located in this old Dutch Fort. Standing on the huge surrounding wall of the fort, you will catch the sight of a lighthouse standing majestically and the Roomassala Mountain, a lovely sight. Nearby is Galle International Cricket Stadium is known to be one of the most picturesque stadiums in the world.

We begin our return journey headed for Negombo along the expressway, watching the cinnamon, rubber and low country tea plantations on either side of the way.