We have the option to choose one route out of three when going to Colombo the capital of Sri Lanka. They are the expressway, Colombo-Puttalam road, or the coastal road which runs along the fisheries harbor and in between the Negombo lagoon. 20 km. after passing the lagoon the road runs parallel to the Dutch Hamilton Canal and terminates in Colombo Fort. On a one-day tour, a tourist can visit the Independent Square, Colombo Museum, ‘Nelum Pokuna’ (Lotus Pond hall), the Galle Face, and Colombo Fort. As we enter the city from Colombo Fort we can see the old buildings of the British era such as the Cargills Building which is a beautiful structure in itself. The Muslim Mosque is a sight not to be missed for its beauty.

The Presidential palace is also within Colombo Fort. The ages-old
The hospital constructed by the Dutch is popular among foreigners as well as the local population because the restaurants and shopping arcades occupy a special place here. The Central Bank building too is close by.  Going straight ahead are the locations where the old Parliament building and several five-star hotels are seen.  The Galle Face is right in front of the old Parliament building and the Galle Face is the most popular spot for crowds in and around the city to arrive to spend their leisure in the evenings. All around  Galle Face are situated a number of five-star hotels. Further straight towards Galle, you will come across ‘the Temple Trees’ now the residential palace of the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. Nearby are ‘Vihara Maha Devi Park and the children’s park. Historically Colombo is the 04th capital of Sri Lanka after  Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, and Kandy. A shopping spree at Odel, Kriskat, Liberty Plaza, Romito, and Laksala would be an unforgettable experience. After the completion of the Colombo tour, we return to Negombo along the expressway, appreciating the lovely view of the sunset over the lagoon during our return journey.