Kandy is a paradise with graceful charm. Dalada Maligawa the “palace of the Sacred Tooth Relic” the important monument, Kandy Lake, Hilltop hotels, and Peradeniya botanical garden the best in East Asia, a must-visit site on your Sri Lanka holiday.

Kandy became the capital city of the Sinhala King in 1592. The brave Sinhala King and their soldiers repulsed the Portuguese and Dutch invaders. They held out against the British until 1815.

Kandy “Esala Perahera” is a cultural and colorful event that takes place during the first week of August and ends with the full moon day.

The Magul Maduwa – The Audience Hall with its wooden columns is the epitome of Kandian architecture.

Asgiriya and Malwatte two prelates are rested with full Shrines – the devices are dedicated to God Vishnu, Skanda, Natha, and the goddess Pathini.

The Botanical garden is an unusual example of creative gardening. The palm saplings were brought from Panama in 1903. The garden has plant species from all over the world.

You can see many thousands of bats (Mammals) with wings hanging upside down on the tall large trees.

Making a boat trip to Kandy Lake will be a great pleasure.

Kandy Perahera, the procession led by whip crackers followed by cultural dancers and many more performances, illuminated elephants are marvels. Special arrangements are made for foreign spectators.

Spending 2 – 3 days in Kandy is really worth it.