Jaffna was the 2nd largest city in Sri Lanka and it was also an important Portuguese colonial held. The Dutch Fort that still dominates the Jaffna skyline is spread over an area of 22hectares within the city limits. The star-shaped Jaffna Fort built-in 1680 by the Dutch is considered the best example of Dutch fortification in Asia. Before the British invaded Jaffna, it was ruled by King Sangilian. (A Tamil King)

Jaffna is surrounded by many colorful offshore Islands. Delft Islands (seductive islet) 35km s from Jaffna town. A ferry service connects the largest Island in the Park Straits with the mainland. Delft Fort was built by the Portuguese and the beautiful beach with exquisite shells is stunning. You can see ponies wandering on this Island.Nagadeepa is a small Island you can reach there in an hour boat journey. It is sacred land for Buddhists, who believe that Lord Buddha first visited this Island. Nagadeepa was recently restored after a long conflict. A famous Hindu Temple Nagaposany situated by the sea is an important worship shrine for Hindus.

Nallun Kandaswami Kovil is built in a South Indian architectural style that dates back to the 10th century and is Prominent for Hindus of Jaffna.